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Person Cooking Healthy Meal
Staff Meeting

Public Speaking

As a functional  and culinary nutritionist, I specialize in health and wellness, longevity and active living. I am available for public speaking engagements to share my knowledge and expertise on topics such as diet and nutrition, disease prevention, and healthful living. I can help you create an individualized plan to improve your health and wellness.

Businesswoman on Phone

Brand Representation

As a Nutritionist, I specialize in health and wellness for longevity, helping others to build brands that can be trusted. I strive to live what I teach, and actively promote an active living lifestyle for my clients. My goal is to create a strong brand representation that is based on trust and sound health advice.

Branded Cosmetics
Bible Study Group

Workshops, Retreats and Functional and Culinary Cooking Classes

Our small group Workshops, Retreats and functional cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to develop a new relationship with food and learn how to create health and wellness for longevity. With a proper focus on functional nutrition, you'll gain the skills and insights needed to keep your body in harmony.

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