Nutrition Counseling

Are you confused by what you see from numerous voices online who claim to have the answer to achieve a healthy weight, longevity and gain more energy? Have you been told that you should eliminate some of the foods you love or whole food groups because they're detrimental to your health? Or, maybe you have been instructed to buy several expensive supplements on a monthly basis because you have been lead to believe they're necessary for optimal health. It sounds wonderful until you try to implement their plan for more than a month. You find their "plan" is unsustainable, expensive and has ruined your relationship with food. 

Maybe you or someone in your family is an athlete and wants to know how best to fuel your sport or workout and build muscle.  As a parent of 5 children and 3 of them being elite level athletes, Kim understands the unique challenges in trying to find the right foods to cover the high level of calories and protein needed to compensate for each activity. Additionally, knowing the importance of timing meals and snacks in relation to the competition is key to optimal performance.  Kim can help!


Here at NutritionPro Consulting we take a positive approach that is based on evidence and research to reach your health goals. Whether you've received a serious health diagnosis and have reached a point where you know you need to make changes but are not sure how, or you want to feel better and have more energy and teach your family good habits, this is the place for you.

Kim has counseled numerous clients that have a variety of issues related to food and health. In addition to being a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years, she has completed the certificate in adult weight management training from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is compassionate and knows that each individual has specific needs and provides a plan tailored to his or her lifestyle. Here are some of the needs Kim can help with:

  • Weight Loss or Gain

  • Allergies/intolerances

  • Digestive issues

  • Diabetes

  • Heart health

  • Cancer

  • Sports nutrition

  • Vegetarian and vegan diets

  • Navigating supplements

  • Plant-Based Eating

When you schedule a consult with Kim, the advice & information you receive is tailored to your personal needs and challenges. Simply complete an online assessment and choose which package is right for you.  Kim will help you along your journey to finally kick the diet habit and learn real skills to improve health.

Food and Nutrition Consulting

Are you launching a new product or promoting an existing one and you need the advice of an experienced nutrition professional?  Would you like to advertise your brand to thousands of consumers via social media, video or web content writing using the expertise of a Registered Dietitian? Kim has worked with software development companies and web-based, consumer-facing agriculture sites providing evidence based nutrition expertise to develope products and content.  Contact Kim to help and see the value of your product grow!

Public Speaking, Nutrition and Wellness Classes and Workshops

Is your audience a small group with a common health interest such as diabetes, heart health or weight management?  Or, maybe you need an interesting, engaging speaker to reach an audience in the health and wellness space. Kim has spoken on several occasions as well as having a social media platform where she is well known for being a trusted resource for nutrition, science and health information.   Kim is available to speak on the many topics associated with nutrition, wellness and health.  If you're place of business is having a lunch and learn, a wellness event or a conference, Kim can help you coordinate it and offer interesting topics that your audience will want to learn more about.  Get in touch with Kim to discuss the details and fee schedule!

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