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Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Are you confused by what you see from numerous voices online who claim to have the answer to achieving a healthy weight, longevity, and gain more energy? Have you been told that you should eliminate some of the foods you love or whole food groups because they're detrimental to your health? Or, maybe you have been instructed to buy several expensive supplements on a monthly basis because you have been lead to believe they're necessary for optimal health. It sounds wonderful until you try to implement their plan for more than a month. You find their "plan" is unsustainable, expensive, and has ruined your relationship with food.


Here at NutritionPro Consulting, we take a positive approach that is based on evidence and research to reach your health goals. Whether you've received a serious health diagnosis and have reached a point where you know you need to make changes but are not sure how, or you want to feel better, have more energy, and teach your family good habits, this is the place for you. As a certified nutrition counselor specializing in mid-life nutrition and the health challenges that often arise in this season of life, Kim will work with your individual situation and needs to walk you through creating realistic goals.  Whether it's planning meals or confusion about what products to buy at the grocery store when dealing with a food allergy, we will work together to help facilitate lasting changes.

Kim has counseled numerous clients that have a variety of issues related to food and health. In addition to being a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years, she has completed the certificate in adult weight management training from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is a certified nutrition counselor. She is compassionate and knows that each individual has specific needs and provides a plan tailored to his or her lifestyle.

Package:  New Beginnings


If you're confused about where to start on your health journey or have questions about a new diagnosis and how and what to eat, this package is for your.  Please know that you're not alone.  With so much information available it's hard to know where to begin or if you're on the right path to better health.  I can help!  I've counseled hundreds of clients with various health conditions who are looking for individualized guidance that will help them achieve their health goals.  Longevity is where I specialize.  This won't be a short term diet but a lifestyle program where we give the tools to create a plan for you!


There is an initial 45 minute assessment session where I will discuss with you the preliminary forms, which will include:


--Initial intake forms and one week of food logs.  This will help me learn about your lifestyle and food preferences to formulate the best plan of action to help you succeed!


--Comprehensive health assessment

            --lab data if available

            --supplements you may be taking

            --nutrition or intolerance to food concerns

            --exercise and activity history


Also included are three follow-up coaching sessions (30 minutes each).  I will help you work through each problem while holding you accountable to your goals.  We’ll strategize and talk through how we can craft a plan tailored to you as an individual with unique preferences and areas where you may need the most help. 


I will assist you in developing a meal plan with great recipes that will fit your busy lifestyle and appeal to your likes and dislikes.  In addition to all of this, you will receive email support for the duration of your sessions where I will be available to help with any problems or questions you have about your plan.

Package: Good Health and Beyond


Accountability and support are key aspects to success in each of our programs.  As I stated previously, longevity is my area of focus and specialty.  The goal is to learn and maintain new lifestyle habits long term.  There are no quick fixes and we realize life has its ups and downs and that's why ongoing sessions will ensure your success.  The Good Health and Beyond package includes the initial 45 minute session, and 6 follow up sessions at 30 minutes each.  All of this in addition to email communication for the duration of your counseling sessions.  Each session is scheduled on a month by month basis according to your schedule.  We are flexible with our clients to make each session convenient.  

One, 45 minute session

This a single 45 minute session where we discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have regarding a specific health condition or if you would like to discuss certain foods, weight management, movement or any related matter.  There is no email communication following this session but follow up visits may be scheduled for a fee.

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