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NutritionPro Consulting


Helping men and women navigate the challenges of midlife while teaching the fundamentals of nutrition and health that lead to longevity.


Meet Kimberly

Registered Dietitian, Longevity Nutritionist

Whether it's digestive complications, weight fluctuations that come with pre and post-menopause or health challenges and lifestyle changes that arise at this unique season of life, Kim can help you navigate through these issues and help you build lasting health. 


Besides writing numerous posts for her blog, Kim has been a writer for the United States Farmers and Ranchers Alliance. She has also given quotes as an expert to Fox News, Women's Health Magazine, Well + Good, Reader's Digest, Mashable online and Men's Health Magazine. 

In addition to seeing clients both virtually and in person, Kim stays busy speaking at corporate wellness events and teaching functional and culinary wellness classes.

When Kim isn't writing, she is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to go kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, biking or exploring the landscape of Michigan with her husband and children. 

Meet Amelia
  • COMPREHENSIVE ANTI-AGING NUTRITION FOR YOUR BRAIN. RELEVATE is a science-based nutritional supplement that supports brain health, memory, cognition and focus – now and for years to come. RELEVATE fills the gaps between what most people eat and evidence-backed diets that are healthiest for your brain.

  • 17 CRITICAL NUTRIENTS FROM 8 BRAIN BENEFICIAL FOOD GROUPS. Unlike nootropics or single ingredient “brain boosters,” RELEVATE is the only supplement specifically designed upon the scientific data of long-term brain health associated with Mediterranean and MIND diets. Contains natural plant-based antioxidants, B vitamins, phospholipids from herring roe (not ordinary fish oil) targeting brain structure and function.


Why Naturopathy

Why Hire a Registered Dietitian?

I don’t push harsh,  unnecessary rules around food or encourage strict dieting. I realize every person is unique with an individualized lifestyle, food preferences, health issues, and schedule.   Working together, we create a strategy based on your goals and preferences to make lasting changes for long-term health and nourishment. As a functional nutritionist, I will help you learn how to incorporate foods for wellness and healing that you enjoy.


"I feel so much better. I always thought I had to stop eating what I love in order to lose weight."
-Suzanne, 53


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Located in Kimball, Michigan

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